Q: How can these cars be so cheap?
A: Every day thousands of Americans default on their car payments, or fail to abide by certain laws which in turn, causes the law enforcement agencies to "seize" these cars indefinetly. Banks and financial institutions also repossess vehicles as well. Because of the enormous expense to store all of these vehicles, the only solution for these institutions is to auction them off quickly, at extremely discounted prices. The people who have access to these direct sources are presented with amazing deals not possible any other way.
Q: So why doesn't everybody buy a car this way?
A: These are closely guarded resources only used by dealerships and they are not advertised to the general public, However we have aquired tons of information and access rights to make available to our members, in turn enabling them to take advantage of these incredible bargains. Bargains of up to 90% off Book Value.
Q: Is the traditional seized vehicle auction a complicated process?
A: Not complicated at all, Traditional Auctions are simple, easy, and the auctioneers will be very happy that you are there. You can inspect the cars early, then bid from sometimes $100, and if there are barely no attendees there you can most likely purchase the car you want for the amount you want!
Q: Are there all different makes and models?
A: As many makes and models as you see on the roads, and there are going to be alot of newer cars that were bought with loans, and luxury vehicles that were not paid for.
Q: Are there any hidden fees to buy a car this way?
A: NO HIDDEN FEES! -in fact the luxury tax is already paid for by the original owner, and the only fees are standard title and registration fees.
Q: Do these cars come with a warranty?
A: Auction Centers and Online Auctions in general, offer a 3 month guarantee, or an extended warantee with a small fee, and There is no problem because the cars are almost to brand new and in mint condition.
Q: Can I check the VIN of a car that I am interested in purchasing?
A: Yes! Many auction center and online auction will offer you a complimentary Car fax VIN report before you start bidding.
Q: Do you have examples of some of the cars purchased by your customers?
A: Check out our TESTIMONIALS page for actual examples...
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